Based in North Nottinghamshire, John Swinglehurst has been a Luthier for almost 20 years creating countless guitars that have been sold all over the world and found their way into the hands of some of the worlds most notable players. 


  • All guitars are constructed from hand selected timbers to maximise visual impact & tonal possibilities.

  • Set necks as standard to ensure maximum sustain & tone transfer through both neck & body.

  • Labour intensive, hand rubbed, natural finishes which are both hard wearing & tactile. The oil finish really lets the guitar breathe & resonate, when you play one, you'll understand the difference over a conventional finish. 

  • Every guitar is a completely individual, one off investment that will be personal to you.









James Cardwell

Based in Luton and been involved with music production, distribution and brand management for 20 years. Responsible for purchasing account and day to day running of the UK which includes distribution of both KSR, Driftwood amplification, artist and festival liaison.




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